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 Welcome to Bousiez Vous! A 4-Player Brawler without any interaction between the players !

In Bousiez Vous! , you play as a dung beetle and you try to make your ennemy falls into the water by shooting dung and destroying the stage !
The theme of the Jam was to make a game genre without his principal mechanic. Here we tried to make a brawler without the abillity to hit or damage your opponent. The only way to win is to destroy the stage and make you opponent fall !

The game was made in Unity by a team of five Game Design students :
Jean DESBEAUX - Sound Designer, Level Designer - Twitter
Setty EL KREOUANE - Graphic Designer
Arnaud GUEGHEROUNI - Graphic Designer
Alexandre LE VAN - Programmer
Alexandre LUCAS - Programmer - Twitter

Have fun throwing dung !

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Tags2D, brawler, party-game, Pixel Art


Bousiez Vous!.rar 20 MB

Install instructions

Unzip, launch "GMTK Jam 2018.exe", bring your friends, plug your controllers and have fun !

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